Christmas Parties 2012

The Christmas parties were GREAT!  We had about 35 people the first night, and about 50 people the second night.

Christmas Party 2012


We had food, fellowship, a kids’ Christmas movie, Christmas pictionary, carols, and a devotional to go with the reading of Luke chapter two. We also had the photo booth again this year.  Here are a few of the great faces we captured there.

072€€€€€ ➪ Christmas 2012

048€€€€€ ➪ Christmas 2012

036€€€€€ ➪ Christmas 2012

144€€€€€ ➪ Christmas 2012

We are so blessed to spend the Christmas season with these people, our friends and our family in Christ.  To all of you, friends and family, far and near, much love and a very Merry Christmas!

057€€€€€ ➪ Christmas 2012

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