We just heard the rumor that there will be little or no water from tomorrow (23 April) until 15 May.  Yikes!  Our previous record was 4 days, but 22 days… oh boy.  We also heard that some of the higher ups don’t like this idea as it’s right before a major presidential election (20 May), so it may not be so bad as the original rumor suggested.  But it sounds like SOMETHING is coming down the pipes…. er, rather, NOT coming down the pipes.

So here’s what we’re doing tonight:

Water Shortage 1Mountains of laundry.  We just got back from church camp, and we have all the bedding from the FBC team of 8 who had been staying with us until this morning.  Mountains.  Rachel’s tapping out at midnight, so we’ll get 4 loads in and we’ll see how it goes for the rest of Mt Laundry.

Water Shortage 2Stocking up.  Matt (and Samson) are filling every available container with water.  We hear that they will send water bowsers around to neighborhoods periodically, but we’ll start with a stockpile and see how it goes.

Off to take a shower.  And flush the toilets one last time…

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