On Being 2

Today I thought we’d spend a little time with Naomi. She’s the spunky little sunshine that around here is better known as The Bug, Omi, and Hot Sticky Honey.  Believe it or not, she gave herself that last nickname! Her sweetness touches all of our lives all day long, so here’s a day with Naomi…

This girl wakes up a little slowly. Not late, just slowly. She’s sweet and cuddly in the morning, and “Happy!”  She loves her big girl bed, and I’m about to remove the folded quilt because she hasn’t fallen out in weeks.


The day is on! Lots of things to do – good thing she has a little car to get where she needs to go quickly!


Omi loves to be helpful, especially putting things in the trash and turning the water on and off when Mom is getting ready in the morning.


Abi and I do kindergarten in the morning, and Naomi is convinced she’s also in school. She faithfully colors a Curious George coloring page every day, plays puzzles, and takes care of all the babies in the playroom.

IMG_4876 (1)

Every once in a while it’s just too much to have to play by herself, and she begins to pester her sister and cry and complain to her Mom. I send her to the couch until she can stop crying, and face-down seems to be the best method she has found to stop crying.


After school we all need a little break so we head outside to play. Omi’s not quite big enough for the swings, but she can improvise!


Sometimes being 2 is hard, like when her legs aren’t as long as Abi’s and she can’t climb and do everything Abi can!


But the storm passes quickly, and Abi lets her captain the boat for a safari adventure.


Our morning ends with a trip to the library at African Bible College Christian Academy, where Abi has a membership. Naomi loves the library almost as much as Abi does. Almost. But we’ll save Abi’s love for books for another day.


We came home to discover a beautiful moth resting in our garage. Omi took a few minutes to investigate.


And then on to lunch. Apparently forks are optional today. We’re trying, but it’s hard to grow up all at once!


After a nice long nap for Naomi, we got to talk to Dad again, and then we did a little batch cooking of banana bread and chocolate chip cookies. The look in this picture? She just stole a piece of chocolate. Guilty!


All of us had funny tummies today, so we had ramen for dinner and called it good. Naomi called it very good!


After dinner, straight to baths. Poor Omi has had a bug bite on the top of her foot for several days. I’ve decided this is probably one of the worst places for a toddler to get bitten – it’s extra-sensitive so extra-itchy, it gets dirty from all the crawling around, playing, and sitting on their knees, and shoes rub it! So we’ve gone shoeless as much as possible, have used benadryl cream, and covered it with a bandaid. It’s barely swollen now, so I think we’ve almost beat it.


And then it’s off to bed! She and Abi and I sit on the floor, hold hands, and pray before the girls go to their own rooms. Then I tuck Naomi in and sing her a couple songs. Tonight it was the chorus Teach Me to Live, and a favorite old hymn of mine, Under His Wings. When I finish she always whispers to me “Night Mama, love you.” Melts my heart!


We love life with this little one, and hope you enjoyed the day with us! We’ll do a day in the life of Abi on Friday so she can share on the day she has ballet class!

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  1. photojaq says:

    So precious! I love your candid Mommy-ing days and ways.

  2. Karen Sooter says:

    Takes me back to the days at home when our kids were small. The everyday routines of life are such a gift to both children and parents.

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