We are only 2 weeks into school, but I can already tell Fridays are going to be “that day.” You know, the day when you end up doing 18 things that weren’t on the schedule. I actually kind of like those days – you never know what adventure is coming next! On the flip-side, the homeschool mom part of me goes “Oh no! How will we ever get a full day of school in?!?” Thankfully Sonlight curriculum is heavier on the front part of the week and lighter on the last couple days, so it somehow all seems to work out… at least it has for the last couple weeks!

Today we did a bit of school, then we picked up Amy, Micah, and Sophie Temple, dropped off Abigail and Micah at their Institute for Excellence in Writing class, and headed to the stationary store with Amy and Sophie.

I had a lot of color copies to print and we are getting low on ink at home, so I just printed at the stationary shop. Two-sides printing is evidently very interesting for 3 and 4 year olds, because Naomi and Sophie were fascinated by the process. They even got good at making the sucking noise the printer makes when it pulls the page back in to print side number two. Who needs video games when you have a printer to watch?!?

I got my pages printed, had some little flip books bound, and laminated a bunch of cards. For some strange reason, lamination is inexpensive here, so we laminate lots of school things!

Pick up the school kids, drop off the Temples, back to the shop to finish printing. Rush home for lunch, dress Abigail as a ballerina, and we’re off to ballet class! As I sit on the decking outside the ballet studio and cross my legs, I’m reminded of a run in I had with a piece of chunky bamboo last night.

Yep, I broke a toe.

Abigail dances beautifully, and we head out to buy 48 eggs from my friend Shannon before heading home where some college girls are baking cookies. Did I mention we have 6 college students living with us? More on that great group later. Today, the important part was that they made my house smell like a giant, delicious chocolate chip cookie!

We finished up school for the day, and by that point, I was trying to figure out what I could make and get on the table in half an hour. Ramen noodles with tuna! My family loves it, and I spring for the good ramen with the little pack of dried vegetables, so I don’t feel guilty pulling that out on a Friday!

It was a busy day, but I’m pretty sure I had a better day than this guy did.

It’s always an adventure, here in Malawi. It feels normal to me now, like every day should have a little bit of adventure in it. My setting may be different – and adventurous – but my days probably sound familiar to many of you moms. Kids’ school stuff, get a few things printed at FedEx, a little grocery shopping, and kids’ activities. It’s the life of a mom. It’s my life, and I love it. I also love where I get to do it – my own little piece of adventure!

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  1. Ramen with Tuna and a broken toe. Love you!

  2. photojaq says:

    Thanks again for sharing “your little piece of adventure.” It makes me envious! Give hugs to both your sweet girls for me.

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