Gecko Hotel

We run a hotel. A Gecko Hotel, that is. Yep, a…

Matt and I decided long ago, that a hotel was a much better idea than keeping a lizard as a pet. So we have geckos that check in – and out – on a regular basis. For instance, I found a little guy in our shower the other morning, so Abigail came to catch him and Naomi had the Gecko Hotel all ready for him by the time he was caught. We kept him for observation until the afternoon and then let him go in a more favorable environment.

He was a cute little guy, and friendly – for a gecko.

See ya, little guy! Enjoy the great outdoors!

2 comments on “Gecko Hotel

  1. Don and Sally Canright says:

    Cute! I like the hotel idea. When we lived in Nevada growing up, my brother caught horny toads.

  2. Beth Osborne says:

    Your daughters get more beautiful every time I see them!!! Precious!!
    Can’t wait to see them in person!!

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