Today I do not mind being wrong at all! As we went to bed last night we heard thunder rumble in the distance and the desire for cool rain was more a wish than a hope. But we woke in the middle of the night to the beautiful sound of soft rain on our tin roof! It rained for several hours through the night, and all day today it was cool and at times drizzly. It is SO WONDERFUL!

So I was completely wrong in my post 2 days ago when I said it would be a month before the rains. But I’m very happily wrong!

And as promised, here’s our neighbor’s roof… green!

First rain

Pumpkin Season


I have had the WORST time cutting pumpkins here in Malawi.  They are SO tough.  I would poke a knife in the top, hammer it in with a meat mallet, and then smack the whole pumpkin on the ground until I could get the knife through.  Whew.  Blood, sweat, and tears.  Then I asked a Malawian friend how she cuts open a pumpkin.  She said – throw it on the ground.  Really??… OK.  So I tried it.

IMG_0953Ha!  Look at that!  It split in half perfectly, ready to roast!  And after my previous experiences with pumpkin here, throwing one on the ground with all my might felt very satisfying!  =)


Weather Report

Abi is learning about the weather, so every day she checks outside and posts our expected weather for the day.


Apparently we can expect sunny with a chance of monkeys!

Crocodile for Dinner

We’re usually up for a good adventure, and tonight it was crocodile… for dinner.

Crocodile for dinner 1We’ve had crocodile at a restaurant before and it was so-so.  We were pleasantly surprised tonight, and actually enjoyed fixing and eating it at home!  It kind of has the taste and texture of a pork chop.  Two tips in case you ever find yourself cooking up some crocodile: cook it from frozen and use a fruity marinade, like a peach and apricot chutney.

This is one of the very few crocodile experiences we’d be happy to repeat!


“Real Missionaries”

This May we’ll round out a full 5 years as missionaries in Malawi.  And it’s starting to show.  =)  You know all those weird things you hear about missionaries… they’re starting to happen to us.  I re-use tea bags now, we don’t really have any idea what current fashion trends are in America, our daughter’s favorite animal is an impala and she has no idea what an escalator is, and we’ve started glueing our shoes back together.

Real Missionary 1

Literally glueing them together.  Matt ran the soles off his shoes.  Not the tread, the soles.  We don’t go on furlough for another 3.5 months, so they’ll have to do for now.

If all those weird missionary things are the price we have to pay the privilege of living and working in ministry in Malawi, we’ll take it!


Hedgehogs here in Malawi like to live in ditches and water drains, so when it rains, they come out of hiding.  Matt found one on the road on his way home from an elders’ meeting the other night, so tossed it on the floor mat in our car and brought it home.  The little guy decided to hide under the passenger seat, but Matt eventually got him out.  =)

Hedgehog 1This particular hedgehog was old enough that his spines are hard and spiky, so he wasn’t really a candidate for keeping as a pet.  He ended up just spending the night at our house, then Abi and Matt took him back to near where he was found.

Hedgehog 3

Once they put him down, he trotted off, found his little hole, and jumped right inside!  Quite a little adventure for him!

And it might be about time for us to read The Wind in the Willows

Rhinoceros Beetle

We went camping a few weeks ago, and Matt made a new friend…

Beetle 1

This guy was flying around as we ate dinner, and decided to land on Matt’s shoulder.

Beetle 2

He’s clearly a rhinoceros beetle, and quite a ferocious one at that…

Beetle 3

And very attached to Matt.  We couldn’t swat him off, but did eventually get him off with the BBQ tongs.  =)