The Great Floreen Roadtrips! Part 2

Day Three of the Roadtrip! After spending the night in Portland, we headed up through Seattle to Lynden, WA, almost on the Canadian boarder. For a couple of southern Californians, the scenery and weather was so refreshing!

Roadtrip 1 Day 3 1
969.6 miles: Fairfield Inn at the Portland Airport, the beginning of Day 3.

Roadtrip 1 Day 3 2
Somewhere around 975 miles: Mt Hood!

Roadtrip 1 Day 3 3
Somewhere around 1000 miles: look at all the trees!

Roadtrip 1 Day 3 4
1112.1 miles: Lunch with Austin and Heather at their apartment in Tacoma, WA. Heather and Rachel worked together at the college, and Matt did photography for their wedding about 5 months ago. It was so great to catch up with them!

Roadtrip 1 Day 3 5
1117.3 miles: stop for a fill-up at the Port of Tacoma

Roadtrip 1 Day 3 6
1147.5 miles: The father of a good friend of ours – Sarah DeWolfe – is in the VA hospital in Seattle, so we stopped by to say Hi. He had JUST left for an appointment though, and the nurse said it would be a while before he came back. So we missed him. =(

Roadtrip 1 Day 3 7
1157.1 miles: On a whim, we stopped by to see the Sound and Pike’s Place in Seattle. It was cold!!!

Roadtrip 1 Day 3 8
1157.1 miles continued: Pike’s Place. Just for fun, we bought a couple honey sticks here. =)

Roadtrip 1 Day 3 9
1157.1 miles continued: We found a large and fascinating antiques store near Pike’s Place. Among other things, they had quite a bit of antique photography equipment…

Roadtrip 1 Day 3 10
Our final tribute to Seattle – a pic of the Space Needle. It quickly grew dark, so that was the end of the pictures for Day 3.

Day 4 is Rachel’s first introduction to Matt’s hometown, and Day 5 is Sunday and our presentation at Grace Baptist Fellowship in Lynden. Stay tuned!

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