The Great Floreen Roadtrips! Part 3

And the Roadtrip continues! Matt gave the grand tour of Lynden (which Rachel loves!), and we had a chance to see more friends and then share the ministry in Malawi with the church Matt grew up in, Grace Baptist Fellowship in Lynden.

Road Trip 1 Day 4-5 1
Downtown Lynden. Not the best angle to take a picture of a windmill, but trust me, it’s an impressive windmill!

Road Trip 1 Day 4-5 2
The house on Front Street. Fond memories of falling out of trees, secret window signals with a friend down the street… all kinds of good memories here. =)

Road Trip 1 Day 4-5 3
The house on Main Street. Well, the play house on Main Street. The real house is there too, but this is an awesome play/tree house. The look on Matt’s face says it all – it’s a very Calvin and Hobbes face… so innocent and yet so mischievous!

Road Trip 1 Day 4-5 4
Harv! Rachel finally got to meet the friends. Harv took a break from homework to come and hang out with us for a while.

Road Trip 1 Day 4-5 5
And then we had the wonderful opportunity to have dinner with Tim and Melissa Tabert. It was so fun to hear the guys catch up on the years and to meet their beautiful daughter Bethany. Thanks for a great evening Taberts!

Road Trip 1 Day 4-5 6
Sunday morning and we spoke in the Jr/Sr High Sunday School class. Suffice it to say that a presentation on Malawi that is given to 12-18 year olds does highlight a few more reptiles, bugs, and edible mice…

Road Trip 1 Day 4-5 7
After church Harv was our chauffeur and tour guide as we went to see a couple more houses the Floreens lived in, and met up with some friends for lunch.

Road Trip 1 Day 4-5 8
The cool kids picture. Though entirely unintentional, this is probably something like what Matt and Andrew would have posed if they were trying to look casually cool. And looking casually cool is a speciality for Matt, Andrew, and Tim – just ask to see their Jones Soda pic.

Road Trip 1 Day 4-5 9
The cast of characters – Matt, Andrew, Tim, and Harv. With Rachel and Melissa, just for fun. Andrew drove all the way from Ellensburg to see us – thanks Andrew, it was so good to see you. And we missed you Kelsee!

Road Trip 1 Day 4-5 10
Andrew’s family used to own the restaurant where we had lunch. At the time it was called Dunny’s, but now it’s a Mexican restaurant, which Andrew dubbed “Dunny’s Del Mexico.” There was a suggestion that someone put a sombrero on the chicken now.

Road Trip 1 Day 4-5 11
On Sunday evening we had the opportunity to share the ministry in Malawi with about 80 people at Grace Baptist Fellowship. We were so blessed and encouraged by these people, and were so grateful to share with them about Malawi and what our plans are to be involved there. The room was full of people who love the church and who joined in our excitement for what the Lord is doing in Africa!

Road Trip 1 Day 4-5 12
Special guests for the evening were Rachel’s Uncle Don and Aunt Joan who drove over from Birch Bay to join us. We got to spend a little time with them before the meeting, and it was so great to catch up with them! Thanks for coming Don and Joan – it was a huge encouragement and blessing to us!

After the evening meeting, we headed over to a dessert gathering with a group of friends, some of whom hadn’t been able to make it to the meeting. We enjoyed the time so much that I forgot to take a picture! I’ll try to do better… =)

We have meals with a number of people in the next couple days, and then a trip to Canada to have our passports stamped to activate our international insurance. In the meantime, we might have snow! It’s 24 degrees today, and the southern Californians are cold but loving it! More to come soon!

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