Love from the Kids

A few times now we’ve been able to write to kids about being missionaries.  Kids in  Awana Club contact a missionary every year to ask them what they do, and it’s so fun to write back to them!  Sometimes they’ll write back to us again, and sometimes they’ll draw us a picture and their mom will take a photo of it and email us a copy!

Picture from Sam Oct 09

Bonus points to the Keller family for that great idea!

We got to write back to one of these kids last week, and here’s what we wrote:

Hi Grant!

My name is Rachel. My husband Matt and I have one little girl named Abigail and we are missionaries.

We live in the country of Malawi, Africa. Do you know where Malawi is? It is very, very far away from America. We have to go on an airplane for 35 hours! Malawi is very different from America. Most of the houses have walls made out of mud and roofs made out of grass. The people here eat lots of corn, and sometimes they eat mice! (You shouldn’t eat mice. I’m sure your mom makes much better food!)

The most important thing we do in Malawi is help people learn about Jesus. Matt is a pastor at our church, so he does many things at church. He organizes Sunday School for all the kids, he meets with people in the church who want to know more about Jesus, and he teaches the big kids and adults about the Bible every week on Tuesday night, Friday night, and Sunday morning. I tell people about Jesus too. On Tuesdays I help with a Bible study for ladies, and sometimes I have special classes for the ladies to help them learn how to study their Bible better and how to be more like Jesus. Abigail is a missionary kid, but she doesn’t do much yet because she’s still a baby. But when she gets bigger, she can tell the kids about Jesus too.

Thank you for letting us tell you about Malawi. You can pray for us, that we can tell more people about Jesus and that we will be more like Jesus every day.

Rachel Floreen

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